History of the 28 Fundamental Beliefs

Presentations by pastor Ted Wilson


History of the 28 Fundamental Beliefs


Belief #1  The Holy Scriptures


Belief #2  The Godhead


Belief #3  God the Father [Who is He]


Belief  #4  God the Son  [Who is He]


Belief #4  God the Son [What More to Know About Him?]


Belief #5  God the Holy Spirit [Who is He and What Does He Do?]


Belief #6  Creation [God's Amazing Work Science Can't Explain]


Belief #7  Human Beings [How Did God Create Them?]


Belief #8  Great Controversy [What is It and What Should We Do About It?]


Belief #9  Life, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ [What Hope Do They Bring?]


Belief #10  Salvation [How Can We Have It?]


Belief #11  Growing in Christ [What Does It Mean and How Does It Happen?]


Belief #12  Church [What Does the Bible Teach Us About It?] 


Belief #13  The Remnant [What is It and Its Mission?]


Belief #14  Unity in Christ [What Does the Bible Teach Us?]


Belief #15  Baptism [What Does the Bible Want Us To Know About It?]


Belief #16  The Lord's Supper [What Does the Bible Say?]


Belief #17  Spiritual Gifts and Ministries [What Does the Bible Say?] 


Belief #18  Gift of Prophecy [What is It?]


Belief #19  The Law of God [What is It and How Significant is It to Us?] 


Belief #20  Sabbath [What Does the Bible Teach Us About It?]


Belief #21  Stewardship [What Is It and  What Does God Teach Us?]


Belief #22  Christian Behavior  [How Does God Wants Us to Live Life?]


Belief #23  Marriage and the Family  [What does God Intend Them to Be?] 


Belief #24  Christ's Ministry in the Heavenly Sanctuary


Belief #25  Second Coming of Christ  [What Does the Bible Say?]


Belief #26  Death and Resurrection  [What Hope Do We Have?]


Belief #27  The Millenium and the End of Sin  [What Will Happen]


Belief #28  The New Earth  [What Is it Like]